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Liz Ward, Director of Pearldora

About Pearldora

Established in August 2018 Pearldora has been popping freshwater oysters for bespoke pearls and jewellery with an ever growing team of presenters and admin.

Founded by Liz Ward, alongside her daughter Chelsea, Pearldora started as a small part time business between work and children.

Now in 2020 Pearldora have an amazing amount of customers and Liz now works full time in bringing quality products with some added fun.

Chelsea & Liz show Pearldora customers exciting and funny facebook live shows to present an amazing range of oysters and jewellery.

Pearldora bring a lot of pride in what they sell to customers but couldn’t do this as efficiently if it wasn’t for the amazing support of our ever growing family of customers.

Pearldora have also expanded their horizons with the introduction of Shipping around the world.

Pearldora are a friendly group and love to welcome new customer from near or far and hope that their reviews speak for themselves.